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10 Ways Stride Learning Solutions Provides Outcomes-Driven Remote Instruction 

As school districts continue to face critical teacher shortages and emerging achievement gaps, Stride Learning Solutions has provided a customized approach to meet student needs for more than 20 years. Read on to learn how the Learning Solutions model can seamlessly connect to school districts of any size.  

When Rosie, a Stride Learning Solutions remote teacher for the Hazelwood School District in Missouri, commended one of her students on his remarkable efforts, she had no way of knowing the comment would change his life. 

Over a 1-to-1 session, Rosie, reflective, proudly uttered the words to her student: “I am so proud of you.”  

The reaction was immediate. Her student, overcome with emotion, dropped his head and then told her that she was the first person to ever say that to him. 

“I could not believe that in this young adult’s life – he is a junior in high school – that no one has ever told him that they’re proud of him,” said Rosie. It was a seminal moment for both student and teacher – and would further demonstrate to Rosie just how powerful her remote teaching could be.  

“I could not believe that in this young adult’s life, he is a junior in high school, that no one has told him they’re proud of him.”

Rosie’s experience with her student demonstrates the very best of remote instruction: the leveraging of technology to connect highly qualified, state-certified teachers with the students that need them most, improve their outcomes, and alleviate school district staffing challenges.  

Learn how Stride Learning Solutions accomplishes these goals for school districts of any size, so they can focus on what’s most important: educating and engaging their students. 

How Stride Learning Solutions Can Help

For the past 20+ years, Stride Learning Solutions has served school districts nationwide with online and blended learning education. Together with our partner districts, we make high-quality instruction and education accessible and equitable through the following:  

State-certified remote teachers

When a school district partners with Stride Learning Solutions, they gain access to experienced teachers that are state-certified, Cognia, and WASC accredited. All teachers possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in the subject areas they teach.  

In addition, Learning Solutions teachers are focused on student growth, providing personalized feedback to students, and conduct-and-attend regular, data-specific meetings on student progress.  

Learning Solutions experienced team of educators, at a glance:   

  • 62% have a master’s degree 
  • 6% possess a Ph.D. 
  • Five years of average experience in digital-first education  
  • 17 average years of teaching experience 

Online and blended education expertise

Stride Learning Solutions remote teachers blend their expertise in online education with technology to create customized learning experiences that meet the needs of each student. By helping school districts provide uninterrupted learning, their efforts eliminate the downtime that comes with teacher shortages.

Whether it is virtual or blended learning, the teachers make online learning engaging throughout the school year.  

Personalized education 

Learning Solutions’ remote instructional services bridge achievement gaps and provide targeted support to ensure every student can catch up and excel.

From an instructional perspective, our virtual teachers tailor their instruction to provide personalized feedback, as well as data-driven action plans to improve student performance. This method ensures that every student receives the attention they need to thrive.

Elevating student outcomes

Stride Learning Solutions helps school districts bridge achievement gaps by developing students into lifelong, independent learners. Here’s how: 

  1. Model the required skills – Educators teach the skills that students will need for success. For instance, teachers will walk students through the online platform and how to use it.  
  2. Use repetition – Students benefit from consistency. Establishing clear routines that are repeated helps young students understand what is expected from them. 
  3. Provide consistent support – When students feel supported, they are more likely to ask for help, take risks and assume responsivity for their own learning.  
  4. Encourage peer learning and interaction – Encouraging students to interact with and learn from their classmates helps them feel empowered and gives them the opportunity to assist each other without relying on their teacher.  
  5. Provide scaffolded learning experiences – Through instructional scaffolding techniques, our educators can provide varying levels of support to help students navigate and make sense of new information.  

Overcome staffing challenges and learning loss 

With remote instructional services, students can access quality education even when there are vacancies in their schools, ensuring that their academic accomplishments are not stunted.

The benefits can be vast, such as: 

  • Alleviate staffing challenges 
  • Prevent teacher burnout 
  • Co-teach models that target learning loss 
  • Teach new courses not currently offered 
  • Provide individualized learning 
  • Minimize achievement gaps 
  • Create a positive learning culture 
  • Mitigate future learning disruptions

These services offer multiple pathways to enhance student-teacher bonding and provide continuous academic support.

Provide professional development

Stride Learning Solutions offers professional development for existing school district faculty and staff in various areas, including: 

  • Virtual communication 
  • Platform functionality 
  • Research 
  • Online learning best practices 
  • Data analysis  
  • Compliance 
  • Access to a professional learning community 

High-quality content and course variety  

Our remote teachers cover a wide range of subjects, allowing schools to offer courses that may otherwise be unavailable due to staffing shortages. From remedial and foundational courses to advanced placement, career, and technical education, and much more, we ensure your students have access to diverse educational opportunities. 

Engaging students and supporting teachers with technology

Online learning works best when its flexible and personalized. That’s why our technology is designed for the speed of modern learning and can be customized for any current or future needs, such as:  

  • A blended model – Whether learners attend online or in-person, they’ll get a consistent, collaborative experience. 
  • Fully online model – A flexible alternative to in-person schooling, our 100% virtual options leave no learners behind. 
  • Supplemental model – Enhance your curriculum with our robust digital library and rewards-based gamification.  

Superb classroom management

To ensure the success of our remote instructional services, we partner our remote teachers with a school district-provided classroom facilitator. The facilitator can be a classroom aide, lab manager, paraprofessional, or additional support staff.

While the remote teacher provides instruction, the facilitator is a key in-person component for our student’s interpersonal needs for the following:  

  • Build relationships with students.
  • Support student social and emotional needs as a coach and mentor.
  • Define the classroom culture and manage the learning environment. 
  • Supervise and support student engagement. 

A process built on collaboration

For modern learning to reach any learner, anywhere, it has to seamlessly connect innovation to any existing infrastructure. Stride Learning Solutions accomplishes this by blending the benefits of virtual instruction with the familiar structure of traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Here’s how: 

Step 1: A certified remote instructor connects virtually to the classroom and delivers live synchronous lessons. 

Step 2: Brick-and-mortar schools maintain their normal bell schedules, ensuring a seamless learning experience. 

Step 3: Classrooms are facilitated by a school-affiliated, monitoring adult who supports student engagement and social-emotional needs. 

School District Success Stories 

Stride Learning Solution’s remote instruction was implemented in Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) and the Hazelwood School District as an initiative-taking measure to address critical teacher shortages. 

Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS)

As part of the solution, 46 highly qualified and experienced teachers were deployed to work remotely in BCPS to support approximately 3,300 students. A survey of those students shows how effective our learning solution was: 

  • 95% felt respected and challenged
  • 94% found their remote teacher to be knowledgeable
  • 82% felt appreciated for having two caring adults available (facilitator and remote teacher)
  • Approximately 80% overall student satisfaction

Hazelwood School District

Stride Learning Solutions also played an instrumental role in working with the Hazelwood School District to find a solution for its teacher shortage. As part of its initiative, a team of 52 remote teachers provided instruction to more than 4,200 students across five middle schools and two high schools in: 

  • English Language Arts 
  • Math 
  • Science 
  • Social Studies 
  • Art  
  • Technology  

Overall satisfaction resulted in an 86 percent success ranking.

Our Teachers, Your Success

Stride Learning Solutions has been a leader in providing strategic solutions to school district challenges for more than 20 years. Our flexible online and blended learning options enhance modern instruction and promote lifelong student success – and we’re ready to support you this school year. 

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