Set K-12 learners up for a lifetime

Meet every learner where they are, with personalized instruction that informs and inspires.
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An online K-12 curriculum that meets their potential

Nurture the spark in students with customized learning that meets Common Core National and State Standards — and let all their possibilities unfold.

Stride Sprout:
Learning starts here
The adventure begins with our pre-K program, Embark. Designed to prepare children ages 3-5 for kindergarten, it also gives a helpful boost to K-2 students and English language learners. 
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Kid-friendly framework

Follow a robust roadmap designed to connect with younger learners. 

Game-based learning

Build excitement into every step with short-form interactive games.

Skills starter pack

Prepare for the future with flexible activities, online and offline.

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Stride Kids:
Where education meets enthusiasm
Our customized learning approach crafts a strong foundation of essential skills for elementary school students in grades K–5, nurturing a love of learning and confidence in their capabilities. 
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Joyful reading 

Our Big Universe digital library introduces new worlds to every reader

Real-world learning

Connect with early learners using educational tools centering interactive play.  

Motivating rewards

Lessons become proudly earned accomplishments through our game-based learning system.

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A K-12 curriculum built with intention

The future shines bright for students—Stride Learning Solutions thoughtfully builds their academic journey with a core curriculum that expands to the highest levels. 

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English & Language Arts
Through engaging with high-interest texts at every grade level, students develop essential skills from kindergarten through Advanced Placement and credit and skills recovery.
Plus, minus, multiply, and equal signs
From the basics to beyond, our full course offerings cover algebra, geometry, and calculus along with AP® and credit and skills recovery courses. 
Atom with orbits
Let every budding student’s curiosity flourish with interactive science courses that let students explore earth, life, physical, and engineering concepts with hands-on or virtual lab options. AP credit and skills recovery courses add to this core curriculum.
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History and Social Studies
Facts, figures, trends, and critical analysis come to life with our interactive K-12 curriculum, connecting history and social studies thinking to today.
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A world of elective courses sparks curiosity and connections to non-core topics to broaden student learning.
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Stride Teens: Inspire engaged education

Learning looks different at every age. Be there every step of the way, from the formative middle school years to the fulfilling high school years and everything the future holds beyond.

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Stride Future: Winning skills for the real world

Ready students for life outside the classroom. When learners gain the skills to get to the next level, opportunities come calling. 

Supercharge success with intuitive support

Our dynamic tools and offerings complement our foundational K-12 curriculum—so every student can thrive.

Build a love of literacy

Enhance your balanced reading program and encourage a lifelong love of books with our robust library and literacy tools.

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Build a love of literacy

Recover lost ground in leaps and bounds
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With our online or blended credit recovery solutions, you can give every student a chance to get back on the path to graduation. Right where they should be.
Learn through play

Make screen time quality time with Stride Learning Solutions’ game-based, modern learning tools and content.

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Robust resources for exceptional educators

Stride Learning Solutions supports teachers every step of the way, with rich materials and services to set up everyone for winning outcomes.

Build lifelong readers 

Access more than 20,000 leveled eBooks through our Big Universe digital library.

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Fun for students, fulfilling for teachers 

Motivate young learners with Stride Skills Arcade, a rewards-based, adaptive practice tool.

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Connect, customize, repeat 
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Enjoy a one-stop shop for peer-reviewed content and resources to customize learning plans.
Bridge digital divides 

Connect with students in real time using a virtual conferencing tool designed for education. It features a digital whiteboard, screen-sharing, and recording capabilities.

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Choose the model that works best

There’s more than one way to bring virtual education into a fast – changing learning environment. That’s why we offer flexible options to meet your current and future classroom needs.

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A blended model
Whether learners attend online or in-person, they’ll get a consistent, collaborative experience.
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Fully online model
A flexible alternative to in-person schooling, our 100% virtual option leaves no learners behind.
Supplemental model
Enhance your curriculum with our robust digital library and rewards-based gamification.
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Prepare every learner
See how Stride Learning Solutions can empower teachers and students today—for a lifetime of positive learning outcomes.