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Learning today takes many forms. Stride puts educators and learners alike ahead of the curve.
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Your online learning platform for modern learning

Stride partners with districts to help them address pandemic – related learning loss, teacher burnout, and staff shortages by creating a supportive, sustainable approach to online education. Our solutions adapt to any size or type of need, providing new opportunities for learners, educator support, and training to enhance school outcomes.

Comprehensive curriculum

Build a solid foundation for learners ages three and up with thoughtfully designed courses that create new pathways to success. Educational games and interactive content keep young minds engaged while career exploration prepares them to think beyond graduation.

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Stride Future: Winning skills for the real world

Ready students for life outside the classroom. When learners gain the skills to get to the next level, opportunities come calling. 

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Professional development with Stride Coach

Your success as a teacher is our mission. From holistic professional development to digital transition support, we offer a full suite of professional learning options that blend high-quality pedagogy with digital best practices.

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Stride Elevate

Studies show that students learn better when education is positioned as a game, not a task. Our adaptive Skills Arcade motivates kids in grades pre-K through 8 to hit district benchmarks through fun, rewards-based learning.

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A simple solution for teacher shortages

Stride Teachers give you a simple way to fill immediate gaps or create a long-term solution for your districts ongoing needs.

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Bring classrooms to life with Class Connect Sessions

Schedule live class sessions or hold spontaneous meetings using the Stride Learning Class Connect, a user-friendly tool that includes a digital whiteboard, recording capabilities, and breakout rooms for small group sessions.

Stride Learning Class Connect Sessions
Class Connect allows teachers to create and deliver custom learning profiles directly to individual students or focused learning groups. 
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Get set for a fresh start
Stride makes implementation a breeze with consulting services that help you strike the right balance of technology, curriculum, and instruction to get the most out of blended learning.
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Prepare for liftoff

Launch administrators, teachers, and students into the world of blended learning. It’s all backed by expert consultants before, during, and after implementation.

Built-in check-ins

Because blended learning is such a dynamic process, our client success team works with you to fine tune your account as it evolves.

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Choose the model that works best

There’s more than one way to bring virtual education into a fast – changing learning environment. That’s why we offer flexible options to meet your current and future classroom needs.

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A blended model
Whether learners attend online or in-person, they’ll get a consistent, collaborative experience.
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Fully online model
A flexible alternative to in-person schooling, our 100% virtual option leaves no learners behind.
Supplemental model
Supplemental model Enhance your curriculum with our robust digital library and rewards-based gamification.
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Let’s turn education crises into fresh opportunities
Immediate relief for teachers

With Stride, schools and districts can alleviate burnout and improve staff morale through virtual services that make teacher workloads more manageable.

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Teacher-friendly technology
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Stride removes barriers to digital instruction with intuitive tools that enhance online learning and personalize instruction.

Teacher-friendly technology

Stride removes barriers to digital instruction with intuitive tools that enhance online learning and personalize instruction. Using our PEAK platform, teachers can monitor performance and customize courses. In our virtual education environment, they can also incorporate digital whiteboards, record lessons, screen share, and organize breakout rooms to engage learners and add to their experience.
Proactive, not reactive

Digital learning is here to stay. We can help districts evolve their approach to technology—it can be more than a pandemic stopgap. It’s a sustainable solution inside and outside of the classroom.

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Learning loss intervention

We make it easier to address learning gaps head on. Stride steps in with the helping hand teachers need, providing a high-quality curriculum, virtual remediation, and tutoring services to bring learners back up to grade level.

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A level playing field

Everyone deserves a quality education. Stride provides flexible learning models that open equitable pathways to knowledge, serving a wide range of needs and circumstances.

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Modern learning, in service of all

Knowledge is a superpower, and attaining it should be a thrilling process.
Stride helps teachers reach students in and beyond the classroom, tackling
today’s challenges and preparing for tomorrow—no matter where or how
learning takes place.

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Unlock learner potential

One-size-fits-all education doesn’t work for everyone. With Stride, individuals can find their purpose and hit their groove in a flexible, needs-based learning environment.

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The support to build brighter futures

Positive learning outcomes start with well-supported teachers. Stride makes it easier to shift from in-person to online, with intuitive tools, training, and on-demand technical experts rallying behind teachers.

In their words

In South Texas, one district partnered with Stride to establish a virtual academy with full – time staff who meet with learners asynchronously and synchronously

Maribel Valdez
Principal, South Texas ISD Virtual Academy
Everyone learns differently, so a one-stop-shop for education just makes sense. Online or in-person, advanced or struggling, all learners can thrive.
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Nereyda Trevino
Chief Academic Officer, South Texas ISD Virtual Academy
It has everything a traditional school has but with the flexibility to learn from home.
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Efrain Garza
Executive Director for Student Support, South Texas ISD Virtual
Securing a fulfilling career requires workforce readiness, something this virtual academy offers to learners—preparing them for real-world challenges and opportunities.
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Making a measurable impact
With Stride, schools gain powerful momentum that keeps learners on track for better outcomes.
Delivering online and blended modern learning options
Teachers, administrators and professionals trained in digital-first education
School districts giving learners flexible education options
Experts supporting teachers in real-time
Lifelong learners succeeding with Stride
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Let’s go
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