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Set a path for success with Stride Kids that ignites excitement—and activates every K-5 learner’s potential.
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Foundational elementary school curriculum

Stride Kids guides K-5 students through their academic journey with grade-level progression—establishing a lifelong love of learning. Our comprehensive curriculum tailors every step to an individual’s needs, so everyone learns together.  

Make learning come alive

Kids learn with a rich mixture of online and hands-on materials, including interactive animations; printed books with beautiful illustrations and narrative; original music and videos; and materials for hands-on experiments.

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Discover a universe of learning
Read to unlock magic

Our Big Universe digital library offers literacy programs with tailored resources to help students discover the joy of reading.   

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Learn to play 

For early learners, tools like Spelling Rollercoaster teach real-world math skills through interactive play.  

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Foundational tools for a brighter future

To map their own future, students need tools that help them explore, see new opportunities, and stay current on a variety of subjects. Here are a few that can help them on their way.

Inspire them for the journey ahead

Connect students with Roadtrip Nation–a platform that captures powerful stories while exposing students to new career opportunities.

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Tap into current events with Newsela

Keep students up to date with a news platform designed to complement your ELA, social studies, and science curriculum.

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Spark curiosity with game-based learning

Turn screen time into quality time with Stride Learning Solutions’ game-based learning tools and content, designed to spark curiosity in digital natives.

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Expanding creative curiosity

The depth and breadth of our reading and language arts curriculum opens up possibilities for all learners. With modern reading, literature, and composition courses, students build the skills they need to succeed.  

Science reimagined
Our game-based learning system centers students while introducing foundational skills appropriate for each grade. 
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All-inclusive curriculum

A diverse range of online science courses offers dynamic, customizable learning.

Personalized learning

Our robust Stride Learning Hub equips teachers to meet every student where they are. 

Long-term achievement

Stride Learning Solutions adapts to any learning environment so every path is possible.   

Count on fun
Age-appropriate courses include interactive games to make virtual learning not just accessible, but enjoyable.
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All learners welcome

An expansive curriculum means there’s a course to match every kind of learner.

Accessible, powerful management

Every course is available online with planning and management tools every step of the way.

Teacher-friendly toolkit

Easily tailor instruction with Stride Learning Hub’s resources at teachers’ fingertips.

Complete your curriculum
World languages

Uncover different ways of thinking with learning languages from all over the world including Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese. 

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World languages

Stride Learning Solutions offers K–12 world language courses by Middlebury Interactive Language. Immersive instruction helps students realize their full potential by following American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards.
History and American studies 

Discover new volumes of history with interactive lessons that bring the past to life.  Stride Kids designs learning as an adventure—with lessons tailored to build the right skills for every age.

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History and American studies 

Stride Kids designs learning as an adventure—with lessons tailored to build the right skills for every age.
Your gateway to modern learning

From core courses to complementary electives, Stride Learning Solutions offers an online curriculum aligned with state and national standards—expanding the possibilities of education.

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