Virtual Tutoring with Certified Teachers

Overcome learning loss and improve student outcomes through high-dosage tutoring.
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Achieve district goals – and better student outcomes

Stride Tutoring is an online service designed to be a natural extension of the classroom. The program enables educators to support their grades K-12 students with personalized tutoring.

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Certified Teachers
All Stride tutors are state-certified, active teachers.
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Personalized Learning
Learners benefit from live, face-to-face, teacher-assigned tutoring.
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Stronger Communication
Built-in feedback channels allow enhanced engagement and progress reporting.
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What is high-dosage tutoring?

Our virtual, certified teachers provide high-dosage tutoring – a proven, evidence-based method to quickly recover lost learning – with a target focus on the student’s specific learning style and needs.

What High-Dosage Tutoring Is
  • Accessible to all
  • Intensive 1-to-1 or small group sessions
  • Provided by a qualified tutor who facilitates a consistent relationship with the student over time
  • Individualized to reinforce what students are.
  • Responsive to student needs
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What It Is Not
  • For struggling students only, or treated as a punishment
  • Intermittent or “homework help”
  • Provided by an unqualified tutor or held on-demand with a different tutor each session
  • Lacking context or engagement
  • Reliant on the student to opt into
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Who are our tutors?

In addition to being diverse, dedicated advocates for your learners, and strong collaborators for your educators, Stride tutors are:

  • State-certified teachers from across the U.S.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Many are multilingual speakers
  • Experienced in virtual and blended learning
Parent of Middle School Student
With her ADHD experience, [the tutor] was able to explain the math concept to him in a way that no one else could. He left the session excited that he finally understood the concept.
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Parent of High School Student
For kids like my daughter who had an IEP at in-person school, this kind of tutoring is almost essential.
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Middle School Student
I enjoyed how my tutor helped me to create a strategy to help me with my fractions.
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High School Student
The form of communication prior to the session was very easy and helped a lot with preparation. My tutor herself was very kind and taught well. I also like that we weren't tied to a difficult video call application, we used Zoom, which made it easy to work through problems together.
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Parent of High School Student
Our tutor was very responsive during the scheduling phase. She asked questions to help us prepare for our appointment. She was kind, patient, and very good at explaining the material.
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High School Student
My tutor made everything so easy to understand. I thought it would be hard for me to learn the concept but thanks to my tutor she did a tremendous job explaining to me.
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Parents and students agree: Stride Tutoring is a success.
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