Lifelong learning for educators

Give your teachers and staff the skills and support they need to build a thriving online or blended learning environment with Stride Coach.
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Up to speed. Ready for anything

Going online is one thing. Making sure those experiences are consistent, coordinated, engaging, and collaborative is another. We’ll make sure your teachers and leaders are prepared to create and thrive in an online or blended environment.

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Training for admins

Learn how to successfully plan, implement, and support teaching and learning in an online classroom.

From supporting teachers to creating systems and schedules that maximize your resources, we can help admins make a successful transition to online learning.

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Training for teachers

Creating the right online or blended learning environment takes planning, structure, and engagement. Our training gives teachers guidance to create lesson plans, Personalize the learning, and build classroom culture, so they can create they type of learning environment students love.

Setting the course for your online curriculum

Rapidly shifting to an online or blended learning model isn’t easy. But today, it’s necessary. Fortunately, our comprehensive training solution can help your teachers do it.

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We know how to build virtual learning environments
After two decades training more than 55,000 online educators, we’ve developed a wide range of training options to help teachers teach online more effectively.
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Hands-on training. On-demand courses
No matter what your district needs, we offer a variety of flexible training models that fit.
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Leadership development
Prepare your leaders with the training and tools to successfully plan, implement, and support online teaching and learning.
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Virtual teacher development
Offer a pathway for teachers used to teaching in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting to expand their knowledge and enhance their teaching experience online.
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Set admins up for online success

We help school leaders successfully plan, implement, and support an online environment that engages students and teachers. This includes creating systems and schedules, training parents, maximizing resources and building space, and a whole lot more.

Instructional Leadership

Our instructional leadership training gives admins the foundational knowledge to create and implement teaching online or blended curricula that accommodates for classroom instruction, project-based learning, college readiness, and much more.

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Human Resources Leadership

Learn how to build staff culture, manage a virtual workforce, manage substitute teachers, and make sure diversity and inclusion are a focus for your district’s online or blended learning environment.

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Strategic Leadership

Creating an online environment takes a sound strategy, so your district can keep performing at a high level. Our strategic leadership training covers everything from stakeholder partnership and professional growth to best practices.

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Communications & Community

From community partnership, parent-teacher conferences, and change management to organizing clubs and extracurricular activities, we can help your leaders learn how to develop a solid communications strategy.

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Organizational Leadership
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Learn how to build an action plan, manage your data, evaluate programs, and structure your meetings in an online or blended learning environment.
Training modules for teachers

Transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar to a blended learning environment isn’t always straightforward. With Stride Learning Solutions, your teachers can learn how to translate their amazing skills and personalize learning for the virtual world.

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Preparation and Planning
We’ll help your teachers learn how to plan their lessons, map goals, and design context around learning. We also offer training on how to motivate and engage in online classrooms.
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Building Relationships
Instead of letting digital become a divide, our training gives teachers the foundational knowledge to give students more autonomy, develop culture, and improve equity and access for online students.
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Instructional Environment
From developing virtual manipulatives and special education programs to creating virtual project-based learning and career readiness education, we’ll help your teachers create instructional environments that let students thrive.
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Professional Practice
Learn the ropes of virtual classroom management, video-first protocols, parental involvement, and using support staff in an online learning environment.
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Data-Driven Practices
Learning to use data to inform and guide classroom decisions can help teachers develop research-based best practices, measure the impact of intervention, and develop new assessment tools.
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Wendy Loewenstein, Ed.D.
Director, Omaha Virtual School
The training met our immediate needs as a program and a team as we tried to figure out the user experience and what was available for them and what information was available to us.
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Wendy Loewenstein, Ed.D.
Director, Omaha Virtual School
This training gave us the "why" of the product and helped us understand how it tied to the curriculum, standards, and skills work so we can continue to supplement as needed.
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