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Custom Online Schools: A New Era for School Districts

Since the pandemic, many families have left public school for virtual and home school environments that better meet their needs. School districts can re-engage these lost students – and restore confidence among families – with accessible, custom online schools. Read on to learn how these schools can add to district enrollment.


During the pandemic, public school enrollment dropped about 1.5 million students between 2019 and 2020, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. These departures were fueled by parents and students who sought the flexibility that online and home school environments offered, as well as a loss of confidence in the public school system.

But with any challenge comes opportunity. Adding a full-time, custom online school option to an existing school district creates the opportunity to:

  • Retain existing students and support current faculty.
  • Increase enrollments by re-engaging lost students.
  • Provide an accessible, high-quality curriculum.
  • Deliver flexible education.

Bringing Students Back to the District: Retention and Re-engagement

Custom online schools are designed to enhance what a school district currently offers to its students, as well as broaden its reach to serve the greater community or region.

These programs can be created at the elementary, secondary, career pathways, and summer school levels, with various services that can rebuild lost enrollment and attract students seeking greater flexibility and learning opportunities.  

Solve Staff Shortages and Teacher Burnout

Custom online schools can also address the nationwide shortage of teachers while alleviating teacher burnout. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), nearly 18% of public school districts have at least one vacancy.

By bringing in state-certified, remote teachers to an existing or brand-new virtual program, school districts can fill vacant positions and provide students with uninterrupted learning in the process.

Enhance Existing Curricular and Instructional Offerings

As teacher shortages and resource constraints pose a constant challenge for school districts, institutions that have a variety of learning opportunities are attractive to families seeking academic rigor and topics of interest for students.

Custom online schools can provide the alternative learning options that parents and students seek – all of which may not be present at schools due to teacher or subject limitations. In addition, these course offerings may be designed for all learning styles, preferences, and grade levels.

In addition, school districts can use a custom online school also to provide tailored programs to address emerging challenges and needs, such as:

Supporting Administrative Needs by Streamlining Tasks

Custom online schools eliminate the need for multiple subscriptions and print materials, saving time and resources.

Here are some of the ways the very best custom online school can accomplish this:

  • Digital Instruction – Access to advanced technology platforms for seamless online learning experiences.
  • Business Administration – Retention services and student engagement support.
  • Adaptable to Any Need – Expansive literacy tools and 24/7 academic support.
  • Adaptive Learning – Tailored learning experiences to individual students’ requirements.
  • Hands-On Materials – Interactive materials enrich learning, making education engaging and effective.
  • Enhanced Grading and Reporting – Streamlined assessment and reporting processes to ease administrative burdens.

Build Your Custom Online School with a Trusted Partner

Stride Learning Solutions – a pioneer in online and blended learning – has supported school districts nationwide for more than two decades, making us the go-to for district leaders seeking reliable and effective virtual education. By embracing our comprehensive approach to building or supporting your own custom online school, your district can be positioned to become the premier choice for families and students.

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