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Kindergarten Prep: Readying Young Minds for a Future of Learning

Online preschool can be a debated topic, but few are truly aware of the positive impact it can have on families and school districts alike. In this post, we’ll cover Kindergarten Prep: a flexible online pre-K program meticulously designed for young learners, the benefits it can bring to school districts, and current success stories.

Why are Pre-K Programs Needed?

While research underscores the profound impact of high-quality early education, a disheartening gap exists: A large swath of American children, particularly those from low-income families, are missing out on the benefits of preschool education. In addition, enrollment of 3-to-4-year-olds in early childhood education programs still lag enrollment rates prior to the pandemic, according to 2023 research by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Kindergarten Prep—an online program designed to make early learning both accessible and enriching—was designed to meet these challenges head-on. Offering a tailored curriculum for children aged 3-to-5, Kindergarten Prep is a catalyst to spark a lifetime love for learning, leveling the educational playing field and giving school districts the tools they need to drive meaningful change.

Read on to learn how this program can boost enrollment and revolutionize the future of early education in your district.

A Pre-K, Award-Winning Curriculum that Creates Lifelong Learners

Kindergarten Prep is supported by Embark, an award-winning, comprehensive curriculum that includes instructional activities in six subject areas:

  • English language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Art
  • Music

The subjects are presented through curated across 18 engaging thematic units such as “Family and Friends,” “My Five Senses,” “Looking at Animals,” and others to help build skills in key subject areas.

Learning objectives aim to foster intellectual and socio-emotional development in age-appropriate contexts while supporting children’s physical development.

Students are also provided with materials such as reading books, manipulatives, flashcards, foam dice, science and social studies kits, and more to strengthen their skills offline.

Elevate Students, Empower Parents, and Enrich Districts

Kindergarten Prep brings online learning into the fabric of foundational education, with a plethora of benefits for students, parents, and school districts alike.

8 Key Advantages of Kindergarten Prep

  • Tech-Savvy Engagement: Captivate young minds drawn to digital learning, laying an early foundation for tech literacy.
  • Parental Flexibility & Control: Offer families the ability to tailor social interactions and learning environments, answering parental calls for safety and customization.
  • Early Relationship Building: Establish a trusting relationship between parents and districts before kindergarten enrollment, ensuring a steady pipeline of long-term students.
  • Space-Savvy Solution: Navigate physical space constraints by embracing online learning options.
  • Optimized Ratios: In some states, the program qualifies as an independent study, potentially enhancing student-teacher ratios.
  • Fostering Readiness: Strengthen early reading and math skills to ensure kindergarten readiness.
  • Parental Choice for Early Learning: An ideal solution for families seeking early education support while keeping their children at home.
  • Special Education Inclusivity: Deliver targeted PreK content for students with specific Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals.

With Kindergarten Prep, the future of early education can become a reality in school districts.

Pre-K Online Learning: A Proven Solution for Students and Districts

Kindergarten Prep has already proven successful with schools nationwide with full-time online and blended learning modalities.

California Virtual Academies: A Case Study in Student Retention

Retaining student enrollment post-Kindergarten Prep is a key benefit for school districts looking to provide early educational access to young learners.

In 2022, California Virtual Academy (CAVA) saw an 88% re-enrollment rate of Kindergarten Prep graduates who then re-enrolled into kindergarten classes. A key success factor? The game-based learning features of Kindergarten Prep.

“Research studies have demonstrated the powerful benefits of game-based learning for children who have grown up with technology,” said CAVA’s Head of School, April Warren. “The engagement and interactivity that games offer not only make learning fun, but also enhance children’s retention and application of knowledge.”

Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan and Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy

This year,  two Michigan-based full-time, tuition-free virtual schools — Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan and Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy —  embraced the opportunity by choosing Kindergarten Prep for their two-year transitional kindergarten program.

“Our schools are both committed to giving students of all ages the best education possible so they can realize the highest levels of academic achievement today and throughout their educational journey,” said Kendall Schroeder, Head of School at MGLVA. “The curriculum in this program is rooted in the principles of how children learn and gives parents the opportunity to engage in their student’s learning with the support of our teachers and staff to make sure they stay on track.”

Both programs follow the Kindergarten Prep curriculum, offering highly interactive courses with audio and visuals to help children follow along.

Students enrolled in the program meet daily with their teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom setting to work on socialization practices, daily learning goals, and social-emotional learning.

 “The first years of school are a critical first step in sparking a joy for learning in students and setting them up for success throughout their academic journey,” said HVAM Head of School, Mary Moorman.  “This program is uniquely designed to provide young learners with the additional time needed to build their foundational skills in core academic areas, such as math and reading, while also helping them grow socially and emotionally.”

Seize the Opportunity to Build Enrollment and Future-Proof Your District

There’s never been a better moment to elevate your school district’s early education landscape and set the stage for long-term enrollment growth. With Kindergarten Prep, you can unlock the full potential of your youngest learners while offering unmatched flexibility to families.

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