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Outperforming State Scores: Miami-Dade Online Students Excel with Quality Education 

In a diverse and sprawling school district like Miami-Dade County Public Schools, catering to the unique educational needs of every student is a formidable challenge. However, innovation and dedication can bridge the gap, even for the 3,000+ homeschooled students in the district. Enter the Miami-Dade Online Academy—a groundbreaking solution that’s redefining public education. 

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is more than just the fourth largest school district in the United States; it’s a microcosm of global diversity, serving one of the most diverse student populations in the nation.  

Amid this diversity, the challenge of meeting the needs of virtual learning students emerged. Miami-Dade Online Academy (MDO) answered the call. 

“We have students who have come to our program with a lot of deficiencies in some of the state standards. With the help of our certified teachers and staff, we are able to create educational programs for those students who needed those standards retaught in a different way,” says Dr. Ludy Lopez, former principal of Miami-Dade Online Academy.  

Miami-Dade Online Academy uses Stride Learning Solutions to deliver a comprehensive grades K–12 curriculum. This partnership allows students to access:  

  • English language arts, math, science, and history for all grades 
  • Four academic levels in high school 
  • 55+ high school electives 
  • 70+ STEM courses 

Stride Learning Solutions also provides the essential, state-certified teachers, technology platform, and educational tools and services required to run a successful full-time online program

Enhanced Communication. Empowered Families.

Stride Learning Solution’s partnership also empowered parents to collaborate with certified teachers and a public school, providing access to an approved curriculum aligned with Florida state standards.  

“Teachers know their students better in this program because every communication is one-to-one,” says Dr. Lopez. “Teachers assess each student’s level and how they learn and then create an individual learning path for them. With this tailored curriculum, each student’s academic needs are met.” 

Families have also benefitted from the enhanced communication that the online platform provides. 

“The lines of communication were very open, and anything I needed, any requests I had, any concerns I had, they were addressed in a very short amount of time,” said Tess M., a mother who has had multiple children go through Miami-Dade Online Academy. “The platform made it easy to monitor because I have my own login, and I was able to monitor their progress.” 

The Results: Better Student Outcomes than District and State Averages 

Miami-Dade Online Academy’s student outcomes regularly outperform the Miami-Dade School District and the state of Florida across several key averages, as well as general mastery of course content.  

Students enrolled at Miami-Dade Online Academy have outpaced their fellow students in the district and across the state of Florida in the following areas: 

  • English Language Arts (Grades 3-10) 
  • Science (Grades 5-8) 
  • Algebra 
  • Geometry 
  • Civics 
  • History 
  • Biology 

Moreover, the percentage of students that met Florida’s grade level standard exceeds the statewide average in many areas by 20 percentage points.  

According to data by the Florida FAST Progress Monitoring for the academic year 2022-23, other standout MDO results include:  

  • 100% of 7th graders met or exceeded the state standard in English Language Arts.
  • 95% of 8th graders met or exceeded the state standard in English Language Arts.
  • 100% of biology students met or exceeded the state standard.  
  • 95% of 8th grade students met or exceeded the state standard in math 

Enrollment Growth

Miami-Dade Online Academy’s success is evident in its remarkable growth. Starting with just 53 students in 2009, enrollment surged to 300 within five years, with the number of graduates more than tripling with the current graduation rate at 99 percent.

Source: Miami-Dade Online Academy

Graduates of the academy have gone on to achieve notable honors and attend prestigious institutions. The result is a level of academic excellence that has positioned the academy’s students to regularly outperform the rest of the school district – and the state of Florida – in ELA, math, science, geometry, civics, history, and biology. 

“I’ve had students tell me that if it wasn’t for Miami-Dade Online, they never would have graduated from high school. For me, that is success. I know our program is making a positive difference in the lives of our students and their families.”

– Dr. Ludy Lopez, Principal, Miami-Dade Online Academy 

Miami-Dade Online Academy is more than just a school—it’s a beacon of innovation, dedication, and inclusivity. By unlocking the potential of students learning at home, the academy has set a shining example for the nation’s education system. 

Build Your Custom Online School with a Trusted Partner

Stride Learning Solutions – a pioneer in online and blended learning – has supported school districts nationwide for more than two decades, making us the go-to for district leaders seeking reliable and effective virtual education. 

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