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We know when teachers thrive, students can too. It’s why Stride is built to support you.
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Learning Solutions celebrates teachers!

Learning Solutions is excited to celebrate and honor teachers in two ways this year:

Teachers are a gift to all of us. To show our gratitude and appreciation for their commitment and impact, we are giving all teachers free, full access to Stride’s Professional Development Center for six months!

Click here to use or share the code for this special offer!

Resources to support the teacher’s journey

We are also thrilled to have the opportunity to shine a light on some of our Learning Solutions teachers! Listen to their stories, hear their passion for and commitment to their craft, learn about their resilience and dedication, and walk away with greater insight into the teachers behind the lifelong impact in all our lives.

Lisa’s Story
Lisa’s classroom is a safe haven for her students, and she takes every opportunity to let them know that they – and their stories – truly matter.
Rosie’s Story
“I’m so proud of you.” With these five words, learn how Rosie’s routine meeting with her student turned into an unforgettable moment of recognizing potential.
Want to make a difference in the classroom? Our seasoned educators have some excellent advice to help first-year teachers succeed. Hear them – in their own words.
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Replacing teachers’ greatest stressors with their biggest supports
All-in-one planning and management tool

Teaching online is easier when everything is contained in a single system that doesn’t require advanced tech skills to handle. Educators can quickly rearrange scope and sequence, track learner progress, and assign lessons to each learner’s daily plan.

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Make pivots smooth and easy

Ease the transition to a fully digital education environment with Stride’s expert support staff who are ready to offer guidance whenever teachers need help.

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Digital education, simplified and superpowered

Ease the transition to digital learning with a teacher-friendly platform.

Track learner and class engagement
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Enjoy easy access to a variety of key reports, including assessment scores, logins, and more.

Track learner and class engagement

Understand when students are thriving or if they need additional help. Enjoy easy access to a variety of key reports, including assessment scores, logins, and more.
Customize lessons & manage learner schedules

With Stride, you can adjust course scope and sequence to meet a wide range of individual needs. Hide, skip, or add new lessons to customize students’ daily plans.

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Open lines of communication

Schedule live class sessions or hold spontaneous meetings using our user-friendly platform that includes a digital whiteboard, recording capabilities, and breakout rooms for small group sessions.

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A robust resource library

We support teachers with rich materials designed for modern learning.

Fun for students, fulfilling for teachers
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Stride Skills Arcade, an adaptive, rewards based tool that gets young students excited about learning.

Fun for students, fulfilling for teachers

Turn screen time into meaningful classroom engagement with Stride Skills Arcade, an adaptive, rewards-based tool that gets young students excited about learning.
Build lifelong readers

Access more than 20K leveled eBooks through our Big Universe™ digital library, including works of fiction, nonfiction, nonfiction-fiction, and more than 1,450 books in Spanish.

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Connect, customize, repeat

Shift to an online or blended learning environment with ease. Our platform is a one-stop shop for peer-reviewed content, with access to over 55,000 online educators and learning coaches, plus resources to customize learning plans

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Bridge digital divides

Get everyone on the same page with our collaboration platform that lets teachers hold spontaneous meetings, schedule work sessions in advance, and record classes for those who can’t attend in real-time. The platform includes a digital whiteboard, screen-sharing, and breakout rooms for small group conferencing.

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A fresh take on professional development

Bring teachers up to speed on skills unique to online learning environments

1:1 consultations
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Our experts will walk teachers through a step-by-step plan to meet their school’s benchmark goals.

1:1 consultations

Get a snapshot of the future for your district and map out a path to success. Our experts will walk teachers through a step-by-step plan to meet their school’s benchmark goals.
On-call assistants

Our goal is to help you succeed. Tap into our deep bench of certified teachers to breeze past any hurdles to successful instruction. They’re available to share advice 24/7 via chat, phone, and video conference.

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Personalized workshops

Get future-ready with professional training that’s built with busy educators in mind. Choose from a half-day of intense instruction to a full year of guidance tailored to educator needs.

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In their words

In South Texas, one district partnered with Stride to establish a virtual academy with full – time staff who meet with learners asynchronously and synchronously

Maribel Valdez
Principal, South Texas ISD Virtual Academy
Everyone learns differently, so a one-stop-shop for education just makes sense. Online or in-person, advanced or struggling, all learners can thrive.
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Nereyda Trevino
Chief Academic Officer, South Texas ISD Virtual Academy
It has everything a traditional school has but with the flexibility to learn from home.
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Efrain Garza
Executive Director for Student Support, South Texas ISD Virtual
Securing a fulfilling career requires workforce readiness, something this virtual academy offers to learners—preparing them for real-world challenges and opportunities.
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Training and support for teachers

Developing an online learning solution that works for your district takes the right skills and platform. Fortunately, we can help you with both.

Research-backed, teacher approved
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Our professional development program draws on decades of experience in digital learning

Research-backed, teacher approved

Our professional development program draws on decades of experience in digital learning, and reflects specific core competencies required for successful instruction. Educators can sharpen their skills and develop new ones to stay fresh and effective in the classroom.
Mobile and bite-sized

Designed for working professionals who are short on time, our courses let you log in from any device, when it makes sense for your schedule.

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Personal mentorship

Get inspired and gain support to build and strengthen new skills. Each educator gains a certified master teacher – a partner in training who highlights growth opportunities and provides personalized guidance along the way.

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Beyond the platform training

Learning is hard when things are stressful. That’s why our training focuses on helping teachers build a positive, encouraging, and empathetic culture to break down barriers in a blended learning environment.

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Three professional staff members standing and looking at the camera

Skilled staffing support to smooth any shortage

Tap our network of certified teachers trained in modern learning solutions for modern learning challenges. They’re ready to fill emergency gaps or long-term vacancies and have expertise in everything from AP to remedial courses and blended learning labs.

Here's how our teachers measure up
Stride-supported teachers have a master’s degree
Years experience in digital-first learning
Stride-supported teachers have a doctorate degree
Teachers who use Stride stay in their field for an average of 17 years
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