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Great Teachers Treat Their Classrooms Like a Community

This Teacher Appreciation Week, Stride Learning Solutions is celebrating the teachers who work hard to make a positive difference in their student’s lives. Read on to get a first-person account of several experienced teachers who lead by example and have passion for their craft.  

Editor’s Note: In celebration of Teachers Appreciation Week – and to show our gratitude – we are giving away 6 months of free professional development to all teachers that you can redeem today, or gift to someone you know who is making a difference. 

When you think of your student’s class, do you think of it as a classroom community?  

For Teacher Appreciation Week, Learning Solutions met with several teachers to understand – in their own words – how they lead their classrooms as an extended support system.  

“We just care about each other, we’re like a little community in the classroom,” says Amy H., a high school science teacher.  

Collectively, the teachers expressed a commitment to creating a positive, friendly environment to ensure their students understand that they matter. 

Teachers Complete the “Village” to Raising a Child

The expression “it takes a village to raise a child” is one that our teachers take to heart. But finding teachers has become more difficult than in previous years as the teaching profession continues to face a shortage of educators at schools across the country.  

There is also a demand for professional development, as teachers continue to adapt to new technologies and curriculum changes.  

“I think teachers need to play a role as not another parent, but as part of the village that’s going to raise this student and this person,” said Monica D., a grades K-5 math teacher and a tutor for middle school students. “So, they [are] really part of my community as much as I hope that they kind of consider me a part of theirs.” 

Attention and Care that Goes Beyond the Classroom 

Teachers are constantly caring for their students, even beyond the bell schedule. They also take it upon themselves to teach more than what is in the textbook, like life skills and values that help develop their students in a more well-rounded way.  

“It’s not only teaching the content, but everything that surrounds the care, the family as well. We must be very involved with the family to let them know that we are there for the student,” said Yudenia A., an ELA and Spanish teacher. 

Great teachers recognize that their learners are also more than just their students, but someone’s son or daughter who needs to know they are special and important.  

As a result, teachers make changes to their lessons so that they can reach all students.  

“We are the reason that the world will be successful. The time, the effort, the empathy, the love, everything that we give is for others,” said Amy H.  

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