The brightest beginnings for the littlest learners

Jump-start your youngest learners’ futures with Kindergarten Prep, an online pre-K program for children ages 3-to-5.
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Pre-K curriculum that starts an adventure

Kindergarten Prep immerses early students and English language learners into a learning model designed to close education gaps and set them on a lifelong learning journey.

Make math magical
Kindergarten Prep Math shares the joy of numbers through hands-on learning and games for fast-paced fun.
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Add it up

Develop number sense by counting and writing numbers up to twenty.

Puzzle it out

Exercise the brain by investigating sets and identifying shapes.

Connect the dots

Put it all together by translating pictographs and solving simple problems.

Make way, learning ahead
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Kid-friendly framework
Follow a robust roadmap of pre-K learning activities designed to connect with younger learners. Each lesson comes with unique resources to guide teachers—so kids can learn best.
Game-based learning
Our approach builds excitement into every step. More than 1,200 hands-on activities explore math, language arts, reading, and science in creative ways.
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Skills starter pack
Creating a strong foundation for the future takes practice. Kindergarten Prep prepares learners with flexible activities online and offline to meet their needs.
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Words of wonder
Embark Language Arts preschool curriculum builds the reading and writing skills students need while opening new doors for children’s imaginations. 
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Build early confidence 

Awaken excitement by playing with sounds or reading and writing letters.

Connect through conversation

Encourage learning through everyday routines, like talking about a favorite story.

Expand the imagination

Use dramatic play to develop love for the possibilities of stories.

It’s never too early to start loving learning
With Kindergarten Prep, students learn from the same pre-K curriculum standards as the best public schools.
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Real play, real learning

Interactive formats alongside vibrant visuals and guided activities delight kids of all abilities.

Sustainable, guided learning

Online or offline, customized plans support students at a flexible pace.

Teamwork at scale

Modern learning takes collaboration. Our approach builds in caregiver support.

Explore the globe
Kindergarten Prep Social Studies shapes a new appreciation and deeper understanding of other communities and cultures.
Elephant coming out of the laptop. Microphone icon on top left and continent Africa on top right
Cultivate empathy

Discover the diversity of people, places, and wildlife everywhere.

Build spatial skills

Find the way in new spaces, from local neighborhoods to the world.

Understand everyday science

Connect the dots on how the climate plays into daily life.

Where innovation begins
Kindergarten Prep Language Arts builds the reading and writing skills students need while opening new doors for children’s imaginations.
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Power of observation

Develop their natural curiosity by taking note of the surrounding world.

Hands-on science

Introduce methodical ways to gather information and investigate a question.

Collaborative thinking

Empower all types of learners to design and plan creative solutions together.

Feel the beat 
Kindergarten Prep Music invites learners to express themselves creatively and build a strong sense of self.
Child hands playing on xylophone
Music 101

Hands-on activities explore the structures of music, like beat and rhythm.

Grow with confidence

Learners can experiment with guided activities in a digital environment.

Creativity comes alive
Kindergarten Prep Art unlocks the inner artist within each child, bringing their vision to life.
A girl coloring next to her father
Discover fresh perspectives

Experience different forms of art to share the observations they evoke.

Define artistic vision

Think deeper about similarities and differences—what makes something art?

Create something new

Get creative with different techniques to make something original.

In their words
Mary Moorman
Head of School, Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan
This program is uniquely designed to provide young learners with the additional time needed to build their foundational skills in core academic areas, such as math and reading, while also helping them grow socially and emotionally.
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Kendall Schroeder
Head of School, Michigan Great Lake Virtual Academy
The curriculum in this program is rooted in the principles of how children learn and gives parents the opportunity to engage in their student’s learning with the support of our teachers and staff to make sure they stay on track.
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Jump-start success
Learn how Kindergarten Prep prepares young learners for kindergarten and beyond.