Prep for the next big chapter

With Stride Teens, every student shines bright with momentum that pays off for a lifetime.
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Foundational tools for a brighter future

To map their own future, students need tools that help them explore, see new opportunities, and stay current on a variety of subjects. Here are a few that can help them on their way.

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Supercharge the imagination

Our reading and language arts curriculum shapes critical skills without losing the joy of literature. There’s something for every level, including Advanced Placement® and credit and skills recovery courses. 

Soar with Science
Guide students at every level with a comprehensive selection—from earth sciences to advanced biology and more. 
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Rich, robust catalog

Dive into dozens of courses, covering life sciences, chemistry, and beyond.

Interactive resources

Stride Learning Solutions supports teachers with high-impact resources to personalize instruction.

Advanced learning opportunities

Curriculum options for Honors and AP® challenge learners when they’re ready.

Math made accessible
Flexible instruction models mean all our courses, from the fundamentals to advanced levels, meet a need in your district.
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The right foundation

Get learners on the right track with grade-level and high school courses.

Beyond the basics

Offer more flexibility with bridge, high school honors, and AP® options.

Learning loss solutions

Address learning gaps with programs tailor-made to middle or high school.

Turn struggles into strengths

Stride Learning Solutions online credit recovery courses are designed to keep life from getting in the way of success. By giving students flexible paths, immersive support, and extra motivation, they can earn credits – even without repeating the entire course. 

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Stride Rapid Credit Recovery
Map a faster track back to academic success with Stride Rapid Credit Recovery courses. They’re designed to adapt and meet high school students where they are, while helping them gain the credits they need to graduate.
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Credit by Exam
Designed for high school students who achieve a passing average on diagnostic exams, this option lets them test out of courses where they have demonstrated mastery of skills and concepts
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Middle School Skills Recovery
Help middle schoolers close learning gaps and prepare for success in high school with supplemental diagnostic skills recovery in math, ELA, science, and social studies.
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Energize your curriculum
History and American studies  

Project-based learning methods let students experience history in a new light—so it’s as inspiring as it is informing. 

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History and American studies  

Our middle school curriculum includes foundational courses aligned to state and national standards. In high school, our courses expand to explore a range of subjects from the classics to current events. At the highest levels, AP® and honors courses are also available. 
World languages

Excel in today’s work world with the innate cultural knowhow and modern perspective that language skills bring.  

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World languages

Stride Learning Solutions offers K–12 world language courses by Middlebury Interactive Language. Immersive methodologies proven to help students achieve mastery follow American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards.

Project-based learning methods let students experience history in a new light—so it’s as inspiring as it is informing. 

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Our modern STEM curriculum guides learners through a comprehensive view of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With early opportunities to explore these fields, students can sharpen the kinds of skills that pay off for a lifetime.
Electives for everyone
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Fully realize the potential of your learners and educators with a diverse course catalog that goes beyond the basics.

Electives for everyone

Stride Learning Solutions provides a full spectrum of electives to shape well-rounded students and focus their excitement for the next step. 

From music and health to journalism and web design, students of all interests and abilities will discover their passion.
Summer school made flexible

With virtual summer school courses, students can stay on track at their own pace, making the next step possible for anyone. 

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Summer school made flexible

Complement your current curriculum with the courses you need—from credit recovery to original credit and elective courses.
Your gateway to modern learning

From core courses to complementary electives, Stride Learning Solutions offers an online curriculum aligned with state and national standards—expanding the possibilities of education.

High School Curriculum

Start succeeding today
See how Stride Teens can support your students—and activate their potential.
Learning: from start to future

Whether it’s workplace skills or professional certification programs, we’ve got your students covered today–and set up for success tomorrow.

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Stride career prep for schools

Every industry has one thing in common–they need highly skilled, talented, and passionate candidates to enter high demand jobs. With Stride’s Career Prep, your students can develop the essential skills they need for a satisfying career.

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Choose your path

With more than 27 diverse CTE/CRE pathways and 100+ career-focused electives, there’s a path for every learner with one outcome: to give talented, passionate students the essential skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

Inspiring learners starts with delighting them
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Personalized, adaptive learning
Empower teachers to meet every student’s needs with tailored instruction and resources. Draw from a diverse library of lessons to deliver meaningful education. 
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Easy-to-use experience 
Our intuitive learning platform is a partner you can depend on in the classroom. Efficient across the curriculum, teachers and students can concentrate on what matters most—learning. 
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Future focused
Open their eyes to the universe of possibilities ahead. Stride Teens guides students in exploring a range of careers and interests where the future looks limitless.
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On-demand support
Supporting learners is easier when teachers can access any course they need, at any moment. Designed for all levels of technological expertise, our course catalog awaits to assist.
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Energize them for the journey ahead

Connect students with Roadtrip Nation–a platform that captures powerful stories while exposing students to new career opportunities.

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Tap into current events with Newsela

Keep students up to date with a news platform designed to complement your ELA, social studies, and science curriculum.

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Spark curiosity with game-based learning

Turn screen time into quality time with Stride Learning Solutions’ game-based learning tools and content, designed to spark curiosity in digital natives.

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Discover the path to what’s next
See how Stride Teens can support your students—and activate their potential.