Pupil in science lab entering data on laptop
Virtual Career Learning Lifts All Students
How virtual career readiness education creates equity: opening access and building awareness of career pathways to reach students who otherwise might not be reached.
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Man looking at tablet, with headphones and smiling
Five Critical Factors to Reset Learning This Year and Beyond
School districts can tap into the proven model of Stride K12-powered online schools when looking to implement an effective online learning solution.
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Smiling girl with ponytails
Respond, Recover, and Reset Learning
67% of students and parents are concerned about the quality of K–12 learning during the pandemic. Across different incomes, racial backgrounds, and political affiliations, the majority of parents are concerned that their children learned less.
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Boy learning online
5 Ways Virtual Learning Will Look Different Post-Pandemic
As educators and students have become more experienced with technology and online learning in pandemic times, they are better poised and more willing to embrace educational technology that delivers the benefits of personalized learning.
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Photos of three kids each in separate rectangle
Online Learning Services
The reality today gives way to a new purpose for tomorrow
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Smiling girl pointing to the laptop
Southern University Laboratory Virtual School
Southern University operates a full-time online school serving kindergarten through 12th grade students across the state of Louisiana using Stride Learning Solutions curriculum, teachers, and mentors
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Girl in pink sweatshirt with headphones speaking online on laptop in front of her
Snoqualmine Valley School District
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Girl with headphones on laptop from birds perspective
Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District
Online credit recovery program for high school and alternative education students helps district achieve 100% graduation rate and keep kids in school
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Boy on a light blue background, with three bubbles saying Hello in different languages
Research: Outcomes of Blended/Online Learning Programs: Clark County School District
Online world language program helps nation’s fifth-largest school district expand student opportunities in the face of growing teacher shortages
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Young boy working on tablet in the classroom
Watson Institute Social Center for Academic Achievement
Children with highly specialized needs thrive in a special education school using a flexible in-person blended learning model incorporating Stride teachers and powered by Stride Learning Solutions online curriculum
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Two pupils looking at the monitor with their smiling teacher in behind them
Online and Blended Learning Programs in K-12 Educational Organizations Using Stride Curriculum and Teachers
Partnerships between Stride and program-level teachers and support staff leads to student success
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Girl with science badges around her
Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools
State education association offers powerful supplemental adaptive digital learning instruction to K–12 schools across Alabama, supported by grant-funded specialists and in-school facilitators
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