Case Study

Woman and kids with face masks, woman holding tablet
Personalized Learning
This school year, many districts have welcomed students back for face-toface learning and others have found ways to improve and enhance their virtual programs.
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Laptop with games on screed and image of boy in circle
Research: Outcomes of Blended/Online Learning Programs: Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District
Individualized instruction supported by real-time data and an engaging adaptive learning practice tool boosts elementary classroom performance
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Smiling girl pointing to the laptop
Southern University Laboratory Virtual School
Southern University operates a full-time online school serving kindergarten through 12th grade students across the state of Louisiana using Stride Learning Solutions curriculum, teachers, and mentors
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Girl in pink sweatshirt with headphones speaking online on laptop in front of her
Snoqualmine Valley School District
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Girl with headphones on laptop from birds perspective
Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District
Online credit recovery program for high school and alternative education students helps district achieve 100% graduation rate and keep kids in school
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Boy on a light blue background, with three bubbles saying Hello in different languages
Research: Outcomes of Blended/Online Learning Programs: Clark County School District
Online world language program helps nation’s fifth-largest school district expand student opportunities in the face of growing teacher shortages
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Young boy working on tablet in the classroom
Watson Institute Social Center for Academic Achievement
Children with highly specialized needs thrive in a special education school using a flexible in-person blended learning model incorporating Stride teachers and powered by Stride Learning Solutions online curriculum
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Two pupils looking at the monitor with their smiling teacher in behind them
Online and Blended Learning Programs in K-12 Educational Organizations Using Stride Curriculum and Teachers
Partnerships between Stride and program-level teachers and support staff leads to student success
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Girl with science badges around her
Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools
State education association offers powerful supplemental adaptive digital learning instruction to K–12 schools across Alabama, supported by grant-funded specialists and in-school facilitators
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Colorado Springs School District logo
Research: Outcomes of Blended/Online Learning Programs: Colorado Springs School District 11 – Achieve Online
At-risk middle and high school students thrive and learn to love school in a blended learning alternative education school, leading to a successful educational experience
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