A teacher on a TV in a classroom next to a whiteboard
Beyond the Pandemic: Online and Blended Learning Recovery Solutions for K-12 Students
Remote instructional services and high-dosage tutoring are innovative and proven solutions that school districts nationwide can implement to improve student outcomes.
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Woman and kids with face masks, woman holding tablet
Personalized Learning
This school year, many districts have welcomed students back for face-toface learning and others have found ways to improve and enhance their virtual programs.
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Smiling girl with ponytails
Respond, Recover, and Reset Learning
67% of students and parents are concerned about the quality of K–12 learning during the pandemic. Across different incomes, racial backgrounds, and political affiliations, the majority of parents are concerned that their children learned less.
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Two kids from behind pointing to a laptop, with a teacher on board in the background
Trusted Online and Blended Learning Solutions
We work with school districts to pave the way to a bright future for all learners through our cutting-edge platform, comprehensive digital courseware, and extensive support.
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All-Encompassing Solution. No Limitations.
Learners and educators need innovative online resources that allow them to overcome their challenges and reach their goals.
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